'Cyril and Methodius' Translation Agency

'Cyril and Methodius' Translation Agency - is a versatile company that provides you with the complex linguistic support for your business. The agency deals with technical and medical translations mainly.

Our skilled team includes professional translators that work with the technical literature, as well as editors, managers, designers, narrators.

We rationally distribute orders among the team members using our fine tuned system of control over the projects. It allows us to minimise the time, so that we can deliver fast and high-quality complex services with a significant accuracy in co-ordinating all the stages of work.

We offer following services:

  • Written translation of technical and legal documentation, internet websites, books, telephone negotiations, and other different texts;
  • Oral translation/interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive) for various events;
  • Official attestation of translated documents (legal attestation, attestation using the agency stamp, legalisation, and apostil);
  • Making up of page layouts (maintaining the original text format and graphics, preparation of print-preview, print);
  • Translation and voicing of presentations, video clips, superimposition of audio and subtitles;
  • Proofreading and text editing as a separate order, as well as along with other complex services.

Advantages of choosing our Translation Agency:

  • Careful selection of highly qualified technical translators, regular training and competent motivation of the personnel;
  • Use of the newest equipments and innovative technologies;
  • Stage wise control over task accomplishments;
  • Attentive customer care that allows proper fulfilment of all their needs.

Having addressed once to the 'Cyril and Methodius' Translation Agency in Moscow, many customers have become our regular clients. Why is so?

  • We work with texts from various subject areas, including documents of technical and medical nature.
  • We perform work within strictly specified deadlines. We accept orders for urgent translations round the clock.
  • We offer translation services and legal attestation of documents on 'turnkey' basis. You simply bring or send us the document; we do the translation and endorsements by various authorities.
  • We translate all the languages of the world and keeping our prices are very low.
  • We have developed a flexible system of discounts and bonus for those who order in bulk, whereas not making any exceptions for our regular customers.
  • We maintain full confidentiality of all the information that belongs to our clients.

So, if you want to have a high-quality inexpensive written translation of texts from various languages, 'Cyril and Methodius' Translation Agency will do that for you. We willingly undertake simultaneous or oral translations (in and from English, Spanish, Italian, and German) and irreproachably translate difficult instructions, documents and popular scientific articles from English into Russian - keeping prices the optimum. The democratic prices for the services offered, as well as the excellent quality correspond to the high requirements all what meets the Moscow standards!

How to place an order?

You can place an order for a technical translation and provide us with the documents that are to be translated at our branch offices, using the special form on our website, through e-mail, fax or courier.

In order to receive additional information, you may contact the managers of 'Cyril and Methodius' Translation Agency by phone, through e-mail or via ICQ (see 'Contacts').